China Is Now A Bonafide Member of the Exclusive Space Exploration Club!

China’s unmanned test lunar module has done orbiting the moon. This technology will serve later in their endeavor in collecting lunar samples. Their space program might still in its infancy stage compare to what the US, Russia and European Space Agency are having right now, but we can be sure that their present success will give the Chinese more encouragement for another voyage to the moon, which is already in the making.

We should remember that the Chinese invented the rocket powered fireworks and given their lagging technology, they were not able to take advantage of it. However, what they did today, shouldn’t be taken lightly by the countries which has more advanced space programs.

Three tests were conducted by the orbiter between Friday and Saturday which include how to control the speed, elevate its height and the orbit simulating a moon sampling mission according to the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense on Sunday.

These developing technologies will definitely be a part of China’s next lunar mission, Chang’e-5. The country will not waste time in dwelling with the pleasures of their success. Come 2017, the Chnag’e-5 probe is expected to perform a task of landing on the moon and taking samples and bring them back to earth.

The present lunar orbiter took off last October 24, 2014. The orbiter’s mother craft has returned to earth last November after orbiting the moon on an eight day mission while leaving the module to perform more scientific tasks.

China is the only third nation who has orbited the moon behind the US and Russia. The details of the next mission is now set and come 2017. The present trip to the moon is the fourth sortie.

China has shown its determination to be a big player in space exploration program, has now joined the exclusive club.


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