How Many Earth-Like Planets are there In the Universe and other Trivia

How Many Earth-Like Planets are there In the Universe and other Trivia

How many stars are there in the universe? Let me rephrase that question: how many galaxies are there in the universe? According to research, the universe has more than 100 billion galaxies. That’s awesome. So, how are we going to determine the number of stars knowing the number of galaxies inhabiting the universe? The same research mentioned that our galaxy, called the Milky Way, has more than 300 billion stars. Of course, not all galaxies have the same number of stars twinkling in their nightly skies.

Let’s make the number of stars our galaxy has as the average. So, if we multiply 300 billion with 100 billion, which would be 30,000 billion. The number is staggering in amount. That would be the ballpark figure of the stars in the universe. Now, with that kind of number of stars there are, let’s say each has two orbiting plants. How many planets will there be in the universe? Simple math will tell us that there are going to be 60,000 billion planets at least in the universe.

What are the chances that we have earth-like planets in the universe? How many planets will there be that are capable of hosting human life? No, I don’t want to do the math here. You can do it yourself by multiplying what percent you think is possible to use to come up with your own answer.

The universe is so humongous and is still growing. What theories, laws, and postulations our scientists are able to come here in our galaxy may not be applicable to others that are million or billions of light years away.  When we gaze at the sky at night, some of those stars we see died millions of years ago; what we are seeing are just the death throes of what was once a mighty stellar system with nothing but its light travelling through the continuum of the universe.

I’d like to conclude then that the number of stars is directly proportional to the number of like-earth planet in the universe.


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