Three to Four Cups of Coffee a Day, will Chase Endometrial Cancer Away

Latest study revealed that a single cup of coffee a day won’t be as effective in preventing endometrial cancer compared to drinking 4 cups.

The study involved evaluating 84 foods and nutrients and what is their possible connection to endometrial cancer. The research team from at the Imperial College London, chose 9 foods from the list: total fat, monounsaturated fat, carbohydrates, phosphorus, butter, yogurt, cheese, potatoes and coffee which were singled out during previous studies. They focused their choice on coffee.

The early results came up with the following data: women drinking 3 cups of coffee daily reduced the danger of getting endometrial cancer by 19 percent compared to those who drink one cup of coffee daily. On the other hand, those who enjoy drinking 4 cups daily, lowered their cancer risk by 18 percent compared to those who don’t drink any.

“We confirmed observations from previous studies that having a high versus low intake of coffee was associated with a reduced risk of endometrial cancer, and for most other dietary factors there was no association with endometrial cancer risk,” Melissa A. Merritt, a research fellow in cancer epidemiology at Imperial College London said in a news release.

What’s more, the study also revealed that total fat, monounsaturated fat, and phosphorus lowers the risk of endometrial cancer while butter and carbohydrates increase it.

Would it be safe to conclude that women should be advised to drink more coffee every day? Those who drink only one cup should drink more and those who don’t drink should start drinking now in order to avoid getting endometrial cancer?

Caffeine is an excellent source in preventing endometrial cancer, according to research.  However the group sees the need of more time to analyze what’s the real relationship of coffee to the illness.

The research team didn’t mention what properties of coffee make this possible.




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