Reported TB Cases In Sacramento Are Under Control, According to Health Officials.

Tuberculosis or TB is considered an ancient disease. It has continued to resist the drugs made to eradicate it completely. Just like other diseases, it comes back once in a while to remind people about its existence. Its story sounds familiar and you know what I mean. The measles virus is back. It’s supposed to be erased out of its existence completely since the year 2000.

TB Is caused by mycobacterium tuberculosis bacilli. That’s a mouthful. Transmission mainly is by airborne. Acquiring the disease is by inhaling droplets of people who are infected by it.

Now let’s go to the present. County health officials in Sacramento said that there are sixteen students confirmed to have been infected by it. This happened at a Northern California high school. Lung x-rays will be required in order to determine whether they have the active or latent form of this very infectious disease.

There was a report of another student infected by Tuberculosis, the active type, last month. Health officials reported that approximately 150 to 200 students at Florin High School were invited to take part in the testing. Just like the flu virus, tuberculosis can multiply by coughing and sneezing. Active Tuberculosis mostly attack the lungs and can be very deadly.

Some of the symptoms include chest pains, fever, chills especially in the afternoon, and a coughing spell running for three weeks nonstop.  Further examination will be carried out and they will be given preventive treatment.

Those students who were not infected can attend their regular classes. Another round of testing will be done in about 8 to 10 weeks, health officials said.

Let’s hope there will be no another epidemic. Flu and measles virus have spread widely and whopping cough is also starting to go the same route. Medicines for Tuberculosis are highly effective although there some drug resistant strain reported in other countries.


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