Health Officials See the Need For More urgent Measles Vaccinations

The measles outbreak from Disneyland has now spread to 14 states and infected 102 people in the month of January according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This year’s measles virus attack is a reprise of last year’s. There were 644 cases in 2014. One source of the epidemic last year was the Amish settlement where 383 unvaccinated people got infected out of the 644.

Health officials have been urging Americans to get themselves vaccinated but still those who belonged to the anti-vaccination group continue to disregard the call. However there are schools now who are refusing unvaccinated students from reporting to class. There are also states, such as California, which are trying to put muscle behind their vaccination laws.

Some of personal exemptions are being removed from the planned new laws. However exemptions for religious reasons may have to remain due to strong opposition from several churches. There should be compromise between the pro vaccination and anti-vaccination group to break the stalemate.

People who are members of autism organizations, the surgeon general and several well-known scientists and medical practitioners have been calling for vaccinations. While they are encouraging everyone to submit to vaccination, the other group has also been campaigning against it.

While many Americans don’t see the importance of measles vaccines, those from other countries such as Asia, Africa and Middle East have seen its importance. Millions from their countries were saved from death. There were no reports of any adverse effects. Those people have seen the reality of what measles vaccines can do.

Several of US philanthropists have been donating vaccines to very poor countries and the results are awesome. The same thing could have happened here in our country. Many of us speculate a lot to the detriment of others.

Measles vaccines are safe and there’s nothing to it that will harm the children. Everything that’s been said about its negative effects have been debunked.


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