Underwater Volcano Activity One of the True Culprits of Global Warming

In more than two scientific studies, it shows that climate change may have actually been affected by the sea level irregular movements for millions of years.

Authors of this studies believe that ice ages in the past may have made a great impact on the underwater activity. Series of volcanoes underwater is wrapped in layers of seafloor which is  exactly 37,000 miles that when it erupts it could give away enough carbon dioxide gas into the oceans that could suddenly change the temperature of the planet , the same authors have said.

Indeed the deep seafloor has a connection as it plays a great part in the long term climate cycle of the planet, confirmed marine geologist Maya Tolstoy from New York’s Lamont – Doherty Earth Observatory.

New oceanic crust appears from the long narrow elevation of underwater volcanic chains when molten rock go up from underneath to spread through cavities that was made by the tectonic plates movement. Pulling away of these tectonic plates result to produce parallel lines on ridges and valleys on the seafloor and while the crust cools off , it creates those recognizable formations.

Tolstoy’s study is mainly focused on the East Pacific Ridge. It was found out that there is a correlation between the parallel ridges and ice age cycles if time is reversed to as far as 800,000 years. It was also said that each 100,000 year ice age cycles, there is a tendency for thinner and thicker crust to line up. Tolstoy’s team discovered that there is an increase quantity of lava flow whenever the sea level dropped and icebergs increase in size.  High sea levels then would coincide with the thinning sections of crust that form as volcanic explosions were slower.

Studies then between Tolstoy and study co-author Richard Katz of Oxford geophysicist came with similar findings about ice sheets melting and sea levels rising that cause volcanoes under the sea to become stimulated.




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