HighThere dating app: new haven for marijuana users who are fond of dating

According to an earlier report from Mashable, there is now a new dating app which aims at drawing marijuana-using individuals on its fold. Sounds interesting eh, but HighThereApp.com or simply High There is here to make this happen and will endeavor to come up with the app that functions the same way the popular dating app Tinder does, that is, let users discover their matches within their locations.

Aside from finding potential friends and even lifetime partners through geographical locations, the app also put the spotlight on the user’s interest in using marijuana.

High There CEO Todd Mitchem quipped that he gets the inspiration to whip up the new unique app from a certain girl that he was dating but all of a sudden recanted after knowing that he is a marijuana user. Mitchem stated that his company would like to come up with a versatile app that will solve the problems of plethora of weed users on meeting, connecting and building relationships with other people.

The app will also allow the users to indicate whether they’re on vaporizing or smoking cigarettes, which will be utilized to pinpoint their possible matches.

Moreover, those who are fond of cannabis they can also indicate their energy level whether they’re on high, mellow or adventurous whenever they’re on it.

Aside from giving rise to possible building relationships, High There also aims at becoming a directory for marijuana-using individuals. Users may share tips, pointers and cues on finding the nearest local dispensary, knowing more about the weed, and on how to get linked with other people with the same interests.

Mitchem stated to Fast Company magazine “That cancer patient who needs friends and support, the guy who lands in Denver and does not know where people go to buy great products legally, they can also connect. Just the other day I connected with a dude and talked back and forth for a while about life, weed, and built a friendship.”

Mitchem said to Mashable that many people dubbed High There as the Tinder of cannabis users, but that doesn’t end there as its company has a other things to offer to the users.

The app is now available in 23 states in the United States where medical marijuana laws are present. Mitchem said that the app will reach more states and countries that will adopt laws regarding to the usage of marijuana in the future and reaching out to these places will be as easy as ABC.


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