People from other countries Appreciate More the Importance of Measles Vaccines than Many Americans.

Countries outside of the US are more appreciative than many Americans when it comes to the benefits that vaccines have in protecting them from diseases that might have been fatal to them. . The Middle East, Asia, Africa and almost all third countries take advantage of these germ fighting drugs.

Just look at the picture and you will know what I mean.

Children are highly vulnerable to virus and bacteria which abound anywhere. Take for example measles. It infects everyone, everywhere. It’s therefore important to get vaccinated for protection. It’s very effective and highly affordable.  It’s also easy to get one.

In recent times. Measles vaccines have helped contain the disease both here and abroad. According to World Health Organization or WHO, in 2013 approximately 145,700 measles death daily. During the vaccinations drive done in 2000-2013, deaths drastically reduced saving 15.6 million people from certain death.

The return of measles virus here in the US has caught off guard everyone including the country’s health officials.  We are again reminded that nothing is certain when it comes to fighting diseases. Believed to be a thing of the past, measles virus retuned last year and again this year to create havoc on the population.

But why is it that many Americans are against being vaccinated. It seems we do not appreciate the value of good things that we have. Instead other countries are more aware of what we have than we are. Why many parents keep their children away from getting the measles vaccines? Are they misinformed or just plain ignorant.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC has reported more than 100 cases of measles virus infection in more than 7 states including Mexico.

The government may have been too lenient in enforcing the law or maybe there’s a need for a new and stronger law. Everyone needs the vaccines. The unvaccinated need protection from the measles and others need protection from the unvaccinated.

Our country has the greatest minds, doctors and facilities to handle any disease outbreak. However, unless we appreciate what our scientists and health officials are doing, we will always have difficulties in fighting whatever diseases that will come to infect our country.



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