Billions Of Earth-Like Planets Dot the Universe. What’s the Possibility that Some of them are Human Friendly

Our planet supports us. It has water and oxygen, the two basic things for our survival. The question remains whether these earth-like planets have also what we need, as humans. If we survive in those planets is not sure. Whether they have other life forms existing there has not been established as well.

The research.

According to planetary scientists’ calculation, Earth is not unique. There are hundreds of billions of earth-similar planets but whether they support life remains uncertain.

Led by PhD student Tim Bovaird and Associate Professor Charley Lineweaver from The Australian National University (ANU), the new study was applied to the thousands of exo-planets recently discovered by Kepler telescope using a 200 year old concept.  .

The researchers established that a basic star is composed of approximately two planets in what is known as the goldilocks zone, the distance from the star where liquid water exists highly needed for survival.

“The ingredients for life are plentiful, and we now know that habitable environments are plentiful,” said Associate Professor Lineweaver, from the ANU Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics and the Research School of Earth Sciences.

“However, the universe is not teeming with aliens with human-like intelligence that can build radio telescopes and space ships. Otherwise we would have seen or heard from them.

“It could be that there is some other bottleneck for the emergence of life that we haven’t worked out yet. Or intelligent civilizations evolve, but then self-destruct.”

The Kepler space telescope tends to favor planets nearest the stars that are in need of liquid water. The research team however deduced from Kepler’s results using the same theory in predicating the presence of Uranus.

“We used the Titius-Bode relation and Kepler data to predict the positions of planets that Kepler is unable to see,” Associate Professor Lineweaver said.



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