Importance of Termites and Its Role to the Ecosystem


We may be too hasty on dealing with termite problems in our homes.  Yet this new findings on how they actually help our environment may alter some of our opinion . Researchers from Princeton University found that termites can actually prevent the deterioration of the soil through their homes .

Researchers said that those mounds of dirt made by termites can prevent the soil from drying up and become barren especially in agricultural lands and other environment where land is thin . Termites may not directly be the source of help but its mounds of dirt that they make as houses are very useful for soil to withstand climate change .

This new and interesting discovery will help scientists learn to use another method of calculating and understanding the climate change on the environment.

In South America , Africa and Asia where the land had become drey these large mound of dirt that rise from the soil actually store moisture and nutrients. These mounds help the soil absorb water easily through its inner burrows that seem to work as a funnel. Through this , plants would tend to grow and thrive around the mounds . If not for this , the environment would become a desert. Those drylands with as much mounds are found are more likely to survive when there is no rain than those that do not have.

A Princeton assistant professor in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology , Corina Tarnita said that not only do the mounds prevent the environment from turning into a desert, it also protects plants and their seeds which brings them to recover faster when the rain returns .

This new discovery could also mean that those mounds not only help the soil . The greens that flourish around provides animals that only depend on plants . They also give shelter to most animals and use them as hunting hide outs.





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