How Did Goldman Sachs Mananged to Make it to the Top of the List as the Most Hated Company in the US


What does Wegman and Goldman Sachs have in common? They are both on top of their list. The similarity ends there, however. Wegman is on top as the most beloved company in the US, while Goldman Sachs tops the worst.

It was close contest between Goldman Sachs and General Motors for the worst company in the country. With car recalls hounding the giant car company, it was bound to come out as the worst. Other companies who were vying for the least loved company in the US were Koch Industries, and BP.

Harris Poll, a market research company, on Wednesday published the results of its annual ranking of the who’s who in the US companies this year, 2015, being the 16th year.

The survey included 27,278 people to accomplish the list of which Company is the best and which is the worst. Wegman, a family owned supermarket chain, is the number one in the best list followed by Amazon, Samsung, Costco and Johnson & Johnson At the bottom of the list, well almost, were Halliburton, Monsanto, Dish Network, and AIG.

The research didn’t mention how Goldman Sachs got the distinction of being the worst this year. It might be due to the role it played in the country’s financial crisis together with other dubious dealings such as the suspicious mortgage-backed securities.

Just recently, Carmen Segarra, formerly working as bank examiner for the Federal Reserve, released secret recordings to public radio program “This American Life” alleging the Central Bank had let Goldman Sachs go free without taking serious action for a suspicious transaction with a Spanish Bank.

Both AIG and Goldman Sachs are financial companies which reputations don’t endear them much with the public. However public perception of financial companies have somewhat warmed up going high to 35% from just 25% in 2013.

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