Boy Died for ABout 15 minutes from Drowning, then Miraculously Came Back to Life Without Any Brain Defects


A 14 year old teenager from Missouri plunged to in an icy lake after he lost his balance. John Smith, an eighth grader from St. Charles, stayed submerged in the lake for almost 15 minutes, survived the incident to tell the tale of his “miraculous” escape from certain death. This happened last month.

After he was plucked out from near zero lake water condition, rescuers can’t detect his pulse for approximately 45 minutes. His health improved a lot since the accident which happened last Jan. 9. The doctor released him from the hospital Wednesday according to NBC Affiliate KSDK. “I knew there were a lot of people in my corner praying for me,” John said.

In the company of his two friends, John was walking over the frozen lake of St. Louise. Suddenly the three of them fell through. One was able to swim to safety and called for help, the other one held on to an icy water, while John was nowhere to be found. By the time the emergency rescue team arrived, he was already under water for about 15 minutes.

The medics applied CPR for 15 minutes while they transported him to SSM St. Joseph Hospital West where doctors there continued doing the same procedure for 27 minutes more, KSDK reported. He was dead by all means. Then his mother arrived and began praying loudly, according to Dr. Kent Sutterer. “Within a matter of a minute or two, his heart started again,” the doctor told KSDK.

The doctors were still concerned of his survival because his body temperature was still down to 88 degrees. He could die anytime. They were relieved that he survived and not only that the, the 5’3” teenager didn’t show any sign of brain damage. His brain functioned normally.

“The only factors medically that were really in John’s favor is that this was a cold-water drowning,” Dr. Jeremy Garrett told the station. Still, doctors remain baffled that his brain function was preserved. The tenacious teen, who loves playing basketball, must undergo several weeks of outpatient therapy after his brush with death. But Dr. Garrett said John’s recovery remains like nothing he has ever seen: “It’s a bonafide miracle.




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