Texting Can Take A Lot Out of Man’s Actual Wonderful Experiences

A whale watcher in California was so absorbed with his phone that he did not see the humpback whale swimming just two feet away from where he was standing.  A very common thing to happen for people to experience when they are too busy with their phones as they forget the whole world around them.

He may have failed to see a very exciting moment to experience as a whale watcher but a professional photographer was able to capture the exact moment 50 feet across.

It was Eric Smith the creative director for CBS EcoMedia Inc., who was able to take the photo of the clueless man who was just a couple of feet from a huge whale who happen to pass by. Smith posted it on Instagram and captioned it a sign of the times.

“Hey dude! Stop texting. There’s an enormous humpback whale two feet from your boat!” Smith added this caption and gained 300 likes.

“A mom was out there with her calf, flapping, breaching, jumping, mouths eating fish — it was fantastic,” Smith said. The man was just frozen there, “he never moved from his phone.”

He was looking over the photos that he took and noticed 5 of it, which shows the whale next to the sail boat and the man standing at the background who seemed to have never moved. Women were seen taking pictures all the while but the man was like “a statue in every photograph,” Smith said.

Smith said, the man may just have taken pictures around and was looking over them he was never really sure but he surely did miss on something that does not happen all the time.

“The point is, he missed the whole thing,” Smith said.

Can this mean that our devices are now taking control of our minds and actions?

“I’ve been there, I get lost in the phone too,” Smith said. “But this is really indicative that we have some serious issues to work through.”

Instagram users could only say “He missed out on something incredible.”










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