There’s an Indisputable Link Bteween Cancer and Diversity in Gene Frequencies


Another new discovery from scientists of today explains how they may have identified two genetic contributors that is associated with the most common form of breast cancer, this may be a ground breaking start for detecting early signs of cancer especially those who are greatly at risk.

Scientists have been studying on 100,000 women from around the world for their DNA and found out that the genetic variants or the diversity in gene frequencies may be associated with the most common form of breast cancer the estrogen receptor positive. This will show them an accurate understanding on how cancer cells develop.

They assume that by screening these women with their genetic variants will identify who is at greatest risk of getting breast cancer and may be able to develop a better way of averting from the dreaded disease.

Identifying the two contributors of cancer has greatly helped scientists by giving them ideas that lead them to a possible source of the disease. They believe that a gene called KLF4 is somewhat responsible for making the cells grow and divide.

Scientist from more than 130 institutions worldwide had joined in the research, also the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the University of Cambridge.

Scientists are now looking for a slight difference in the DNA code which tend to be in women with breast cancer than those without. A new technique is used and is identified as fine mapping.

Study leader Dr Nick Orr said: “Our study zoomed in on an area of our genome that we knew was linked to breast cancer risk, and has identified two new genetic variants that add significantly to our knowledge about the genetic causes of the disease. The variants we identified are specifically associated with the most common, estrogen receptor positive, form of breast cancer. “








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