A pill that makes one younger: fact or fiction

If you were to try on a pill that proves to totally enhance your body and mind,  and take away years of your age , would you pay $50 a month and subscribe?

A journalist , Jessica Leber is uncertain of what this pill could do. This certain pill “ that you take once a day…that could boost your energy , improve your body’s ability to repair its DNA , and keep you healthier as you get older” ? She definetely thinks it is altogether a fraud .

Yet this statement was from a highly regarded person , Lenny Guarente , an MIT biology professor . To thoroughly investigate on this matter, Leber followed on his claims and development of his company which is known as the Elysium Health. There are 10 facts that may bring you to wonder if this product should be given the credits of anybody’s attention:

  • The Elysium is said to be based on the truth that says “ the biggest risk factor for many of the diseases that kill us—is simply getting older”
  • Guarente and his Elysium team are “ being advised by five Nobel Prize winners and two dozen top resarchers in their fields” .
  • The said pill which is called BASIS , had been a fruit of their continuing years of research into sirtuins, enzymes that plays a great part in energy production. “Boosting” sirtuins demonstrates the proof of making animals live longer . Resveratrol , Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide and pterostilbene are all proven to raise sirtuins.
  • Leber continues that NAD “ is one of the most compelling bits of chemistry related to aging .” Their research had proven this on mice which were given “ a boost of NAD” turning them more younger .
  • Elysium’s pill “ contains the building blocks of NAD.”
  • One of the company’s founders firmly stated that they “ have no interest in being an anti-aging and extending lifespan. For us this is about increasing healthspan , not lifespan.”


  • Elysium’s customers will also be of help to make the product better and increase to scientific information. Leber writes that , “ the team hopes to also collect data back from customers to start demonstrating some of the longer-term benefits over months and eventually years.”


  • A scientist at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York named Nir Barzilai ramains unsettled about Elysium. “ People are going to overuse it , and I’m sure if you have too much of it, it could have some effect we cant predict.”


  • Being an “unaltered natural product”, this pill does not need to be officially accepted by the FDA .


  • Three of Elysium’s cofounders have already been taking BASIS “ for the last three to five months.





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