New York Attorney General: 80 Percent of Tested Herbal Medicines Sold In New York Lack Real Substance!

When it’s natural and green its effective and safe. Well, the attorney general of New York found out that 80 percent of them were not. There’s a campaign waged by the attorney general Eric Schneiderman, against bogus herbal medicines sold all over the state.

You may find your favorite brand missing from the shelves but you have nothing to worry about. You can spend your money wisely than by wasting them against fake health products.

There are a lot of phony claims found on the labels which puts the public at a disadvantage. The ingredients they have were subjected to a DNA testing to find out whether they are what they are known for. Treatment claims include memory enhancement, improve prostate condition, keeps you strong and healthy and more. As of now 75 samples have undergone evaluation already involving 5 kinds of testing procedures.

Based on the results only 20 percent of these food supplements were genuine. It means they are the effective ones. The others were just concoctions with nothing of the mentioned herbal ingredients could be found.  They are mostly fillers made from wheat, beans and even house ornamental plants.

The attorney general finds this mislabeling a serious threat to the users’ health. Some of the buyers may have allergies to some of the ingredients which were not reflected in the label such as wheat and peanuts. Anaphylaxis may set in making the entire body feverish. Breathing may become difficult due to the narrowing of air passages and can be fatal if not treated immediately.

Other ingredients such as gluten may only bring more problems to the digestive system.

The attorney general first sent notices concerning what his office was about to do. The most prominent and popular supplement distributors in the city such as Walgreens, Walmart, Target and GNC were included. The first two suppliers have already expressed their willingness to cooperate by removing the supplements from their stores while Target has yet to make a comment. GNC said it will cooperate as well and said their supplements are of the highest standards.

The herbal industry expressed their dislike concerning the test which according to them will destroy the DNA content of their products.  This is what Steve Mister said. He is the head of Council for Responsible Nutrition.


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