Measles Vaccine Issue: Is it a Clash of Opinions Between Health Experts and the Misinformed?

A world renowned neuro surgeon Dr. Sanjay Gupta, once a candidate for the surgeon general job of the US and now chief medical representative of CNN has at last came out of his long silence and is sharing his own thought about measles vaccines. Now, if the anti-vaccine group isn’t convinced by his arguments I think, no one and nothing can convince them otherwise.  Or is it?

Some of his thoughts:

No link between autism and the 1.2 million who received measles vaccine last December is a matter of fact and not a matter of opinion.

It saves six million people from certain death every year all over the world is a matter of fact and not a matter of opinion.

That getting a hemorrhage due to measles vaccination is as impossible as getting hit by a lighting 100 times.

Of course this is a matter of fact than just than just ab opinion.

Dr. Gupta isn’t dealing with ignorant people, however, most of them don’t have medical backgrounds and whose opinions may just have been gleaned from what they heard from the others. He’s against former health practitioners some of them doctors, people who are anti-establishments who suspect everything especially from the government and personalities who’ll try to stick themselves to any cause and issues whatsoever.

Are they ignorant of the real issues? The doctor members are the only credible people in the crowd. But maybe they have an axe to grind against their former collogues and work places.

On the other hand, the CDC haven’t been very transparent with the vaccine issue, most especially the current flu virus vaccine. They kept changing the rate of effectiveness of the vaccine from about 60% and ultimately down to 23%.

Both sides are convinced they are both right and meanwhile the country is beginning to look like a nation of sick people.

Whose side are you in?

This is Dr. Gupta’s complete article




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