The anti vaccine versus Pro vaccine Debate Among Parents Rages On

Over the years this anti vaccine and pro vaccine argument had been going on and is still left unresolved while both parties make their own justification on whether vaccination is safe or not for their kids.

Parents who are in to pro vaccine had continually criticized parents who do not approve of the measles vaccine which had reportedly caused autism to some kids .

Reports say these attacks from them may not be as useful since it may only result  a negative effect which makes it difficult to convince them into making them submit their kids to vaccination instead.

“When you attack somebody’s values, they get defensive”, said David Ropeik , a communication expert . “It triggers an instinctive defensiveness that certainly doesn’t change the mind of the vaccine-hesitant person”.

“When they get defensive they carry their campaign more fervently, and that has the chance of poisoning other people,”added Ropeik.

“There are millions of people who are ambivalent to some degree. When they hear the people being picked on defend their views, that has the real prospect of turning some of those people against vaccines.”

This has indeed made some parents turn against vaccination which may have caused the outbreak in Disneyland .

“The rates of vaccination have been falling,” said Freed . “But it took the Disneyland episode to, I think, raise public awareness and consciousness to just how serious this is for the average child who becomes at risk as a result of other parents not vaccinating their children,” said Freed.

The debate continues as for parents to whether have their kids vaccinated or not. They are still given the right to choose and decide. Although news about outbreaks may still change others to their opinion on being against having their kids vaccinated.

Some doctors are now refusing to treat children who are unvaccinated for fear they may have the virus and infect others.


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