Diabetes Medication Have Become Too Expensive for the People on the Street


Treating diabetes has become unreasonably costly to millions of people nowadays due to the medication expenses that has escalated.  It had reached up to twice of what they had to pay 20 years ago. Each year the medication expenses elevates uncontrollably and has greatly affected people especially those who are earning low.

Researchers found out that an amount of $2, 790 each year is added up to the expenses of diabetic patients on their medications alone. This has been going on for years and may still continue to elevate.

“People need to be mindful about the substantial increase in the cost of diabetes, which has been partially fueled by the rising prices of newer drugs, “XiahuiZhou, a CDC health economist commented.

A survey was made by researchers which shows that way back in 1987 in treating diabetes it would cost each patient to spend up to $2, 588 yearly and that by the year 2000 it has gone high to $4,205. Yet still it continued to escalate in 2010 which reached to an easy $ 5.376.

Several other factors like other necessary expenses in the treatment are already considered and yet it shows that the medication would come up as the most costly at 58% of the additional cost of expenses every year.

“ A growing trend of increased spending on anti-diabetic prescription medications has also been observed in other developed countries,” Zhou had added , hinting that this problem may not just be in the United States but in all other countries as well.

“This growing trend of diabetes cost is simply unsustainable. Besides the efforts to bend the treatment cost, the efforts to reduce the number of future diabetes patients are imperative”.

Although these expensive medications may appear too high, most medical professionals say that it would be worth spending on these treatment that may be costly but certainly is better in quality and effectiveness.




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