Infection Merry Go Round, MWF, Which is the Worst?


Don’t look now but another disease is threatening the country. First it was, the flu H3N virus, then the measles followed and now the whooping cough is spreading as well. Health officials and doctors are urging parents to have both they and their children vaccinated order to help contain the disease from spreading.

Last year there were 14 cases reported in Kent County and this early there are already six patients and medical health professionals believe that the number will still increase.

Michigan isn’t the only place which is experiencing the resurgence of whooping cough but the entire country as well. Just recently an outbreak happened in Allegan County devastating the residents of Hamilton.

While both measles and flu are caused by viruses, bacteria are the pathogens behind whopping cough. This is a very contagious disease which is characterized by a whoop and cough mainly infecting children. It’s also known as pertussis. The bacterial infection affects mainly the nose and throat and can easily spread.

Babies with whopping coughs, who are less than a half year old, should be brought to the hospital right away.

Some of the initial symptoms include light coughing and sneezing, running nose and slight fever. You may also have a bout of loose bowel movement or LBM. After 10 days and the illness is not treated it will develop into coughing spells and gasping of air follows.

The bacteria, just like the flu virus, are transmitted by droplets during sneezing and coughing. The illness will last from 3 to 6 weeks. Getting a vaccine is not a guarantee that you are not going to be sick of it but you more chances of avoiding it. This sounds familiar. We know that getting vaccinated does not exempt us from getting sick but you’re less likely to get it.

In the 2012, during the pertussis epidemic, there were 48,277 cases reported by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC. Of these 20 deaths were reported.

So whopping cough is also dangerous and fatal and highly infectious just like flu and measles. Which is worst?

They are all highly infectious and fatal.




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