The Elderly Is Getting the Worst End of the Flu Season

It has been reported that there had been a high number of people in America who had been infected with the flu virus this season. Mostly were elderlies from 65 and above. There had been an increase of flu related cases among them in hospitals.

Acceding to the Centers of the Disease Control and Prevention, it was found out that in about every 100,000 people, 198 are infected with the disease. The number is quite higher than the survey that was reported in 2005 –2006. Over the last two years there had been a record of about 186 of people infected in every 100,000 which shows a great increase of people being infected lately.

In most cases, just like in the previous flu season, people were infected with the H3N2 virus which is unfortunately not the one that the available vaccine is made for. The H3N2 flu virus is the one that had rapidly reached far in larger areas and may be difficult to control since the vaccine is only 23 % effective as CDC had said.

It was said that the vaccine that they had years ago was 50 %to 60% more effective than today. The virus is known to have been the most deadly. It would reach to at least

24, 000 fatalities in America caused by the virus each flu season. It was reported that in 122 cities, 9 percent of the deaths were caused by the virus.  It may not still be considered a record but it is still quite high, it reached 10 percent two years ago during a season.

Still there is a good chance that the flu season may just have slightly subsided in the areas of Southeast and Southwest, and yet there is a threat that it may go high in New England and the West Coast.

“Nationally, we’re on the decline. But we’re still going up in some areas, “CDC’s flu surveillance Chief Lyn Fnelli announced.





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