Mickey’s Measles Threatens Kansas City

Yes, it’s Disneyland all over again. The outbreak that launch a hundred measles or will it be thousands soon. The name of Disneyland has been dragged to every places and for the wrong reasons. It’s not the theme parks fault that unvaccinated people wandered to its wonderful parks, castles and space stations. I know Disneyland will weather all this bad publications.

Yes the Mickey measles is in Kansas City but it’s not confirmed yet.

The measles were thought to be ta thing of the past, 15 years ago it was consigned to the dustbin of America’s trash box of conquered infectious diseases like polio and so on. Complacency began to sit in. More parents opted to have their children exempted from being vaccinated using all the reasons the government has allowed them to use. Now the danger of measles infection is roaring back with vengeance. The mighty giant has awoken once more. Still the anti-vaccinated group continue to use the autism controversy which does not hold water from the very beginning of its infamous revelation.

Of course there are other reasons why babies can’t be vaccinated. This includes medical condition, they are not old enough, religious beliefs, and the autism controversy..

Dr. Steve Lauer, associate chairman of of pediatrics at the University of Kansas Medical Center, said unvaccinated people are easy prey.

“If you have 80 to 85 percent of people vaccinated in a large group, it makes it harder for the virus to spread,” Lauer said.

He said that parents has that mistaken notion that they are doing something good for their children by not having them vaccinated which is really putting them in harm’s way after all.

“Measles can be a deadly disease,” Lauer said. “It can also have long-term effects,” he said.

The discussion is really heating up and some parents have begun to prevent their vaccinated child from playing with those known unvaccinated ones.

“I think it’s incredibly irresponsible,” Angela Valent said. “There’s clearly a vaccination. … I think it’s ridiculous people don’t get their kids vaccinated.”

The measles breakout which has its origin in Southern California has already infected more than 100 hundred Americans. Last year measles had 644 victims.

(Some doctors have started refusing to treat unvaccinated children while others are considering to follow suit.

“All kids should be vaccinated,” said Alex Manley. “I understand there are religious views about it, but we don’t need that disease back in our systems.”

(Measles will return to Kansas City if vaccinations go below 70 percent according to doctors.



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