San Franciscans Spare the Air. Burning Woods Can Lead to Lung Cancer and Heart Attacks.

Officials monitoring air quality around the Bay area are calling on the public to stop from their wood burning activities to help reduce smoke build up and from polluting the environment brought about by the fine wood particles.

The particles are so microscopic in size you have to wear an industrial type of face mask to prevent the minute floating wood particles from getting inside your lungs.  The officials are right in banning the wood burning activity because of the many illnesses it can cause a person.

What makes burning wood dangerous? Here are some of the research findings that you may be interested to know.

Wood smoke is one of the components of toxic air according to Environment Protection Agency or EPA. The smoke can cause coughing, headache, eye irritation and coughs. Even if you are a very healthy person it can make you sick.

Wood dusts floating in the air together with the smoke are so fine they can enter your lungs through your nose because there’s no way to filter them. They go to the lings and stay there for several months giving you all kinds of lower respiratory illness and ultimately for some cancer of the lungs. They also cause heart attacks according to EPA. Better get away from burning woods.

They can also affect with the normal lung development of growing children. Asthma, and pneumonia will develop as result in continuous exposure to wood smokes.

They can penetrate your window screens and even when your windows and doors are close. A tiny gap or break would be enough for the minute wood particles to invade your homes and make you and your family sick.

The weather forecast on Tuesday includes stagnant air activity that will possibly bring the pollutants near the ground level. This is the 23rd Spare the Air alert called this cold season by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.

The data in this report was culled from Environment and Human Health, Inc.




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