Symptoms Of Heart Attack In Women May Come Mildly, But are Just as Deadly


Some people may experience symptoms of  having a heart attack and not even bother to see a doctor . Arlene Wilcox had felt those symptoms she thought were nothing to be alarmed about.  She actually had a heart attack when she was 66 three years ago and didn’t know it could have been fatal.

“ I was experiencing shortness of breath and dizziness,  “ Wilcox remembered.

“I would be sitting down and I would stand up and it felt as if I was going to pass out. I figured it would go away. I didn’t want to go see a doctor. I kept thinking if I just changed my diet, if I just started exercising more, I would be all right,” she said.

She was far from being all right , her symptoms had advanced to a numbed arm and severe pain in her jaw.

“I thought it was just heat stroke and it would go away,” she said. “But when my jaw started to hurt I knew it wasn’t heat stroke, I knew something was wrong.”

She was indeed having a heart attack as her doctor sent her to a cardiologist after having her EKG .

Women tend to dismiss the thought of taking heart attack symptoms seriously . They may not be as severe as what men would experience like the usual agonizing chest pains . The symptoms of a heart attack in women may come mildly which is mistakenly not considered a warning .

“She was in the advanced stage (of plaque buildup) in her arteries,” said Dr. Oscar Aguilar, the cardiovascular medical director at Providence Memorial Hospital. “She had a heart attack and she did not know it. Heart disease starts forming when we are teenagers, maybe early 20s. (Plaque buildup) starts to grow because of our lifestyle, the lack of exercise, bad eating habits and genetics.”

Wilcox had completely changed her lifestyle with the help of her daughter , she introduced her to a healthy diet and considered exercising regularly.





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