Avoiding Refined Carbs and Added Sugar, Will Help In Preventing Insulin Resistance


Most people today are unaware of the risk they are in while they habitually continue to consume processed food products daily. Researchers say that processed food products contain much higher fructose corn syrup. Taking less processed food in one’s daily diet is a great step towards minimizing the risk of getting type-2 diabetes.

A cardiovascular scientist, James DiNicolantonio of St Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute explained that “At current levels, added-sugar consumption in particular, are fueling a worsening epidemic of type 2 diabetes.” He added that taking 25 percent of sugar is still way too high and that it should be taken at a much lower measure.

As DiNicolantonio said “The studies that we looked at clearly show that once you hit 18 percent compared to just 5 percent of your total calories from sugar, there’s significant metabolic harms promoting prediabetes and diabetes. In fact, there’s a two-fold increase. “

“We need to understand that it isn’t the over consuming of calories that lead to obesity and leads to diabetes. We need to change that around. It’s refined carbs and added sugars that lead to insulin resistance and diabetes which leads to high insulin levels which drives to obesity .”

Researchers pointed out the significance of having a low sugar and fructose diet to promote a healthier life. The DiNicolantonio team findings was published by the Mayo Clinic Proceedings.

DiNicolantonio finally stated that “the first comprehensive literature review showing that even keeping calories the same (i.e., isocaloric exchange or starch for sugar), sugar is worse at promoting diabetes and the associated morbidity and premature mortality. [Thus] by limiting sugars to 5 percent of total caloric intake, the harmful reduced amount of sugar and fructose in a diet. Effects of sugar, particularly fructose, on insulin resistance could be minimized. “

Keep those fructose down and live a healthy life.


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