The Longer and More Exciting A Super Bowl Game Is, the More Dangerous it is to Fans’ Health

This Super Bowl proves to be so exciting and those calories keeps going up. The more thrilling the game is the more junk foods, beers and whatever unhealthy foods are consumed. There are winners and losers in the game but for those people gobbling up those calories like there’s no tomorrow, they will all end up caloric losers.

There’s going to be a lot of complains about high blood pressures, diabetes, arthritis, and what else is there. According to one research, hospital admissions increased by 8% after a Super Bowl game. This was in 2012-13 season. It could be higher now.

Who’s getting the worst of this caloric count, those people who are attending the game at the dome or those at home watching TV? Of course, those people watching at home have more time to eat and drink since they can load on foods whenever they like. They are very comfortable in their living rooms relaxing on their sofas with the fridge just five steps away.

What are the usual foods that Super Bowl fans eat and while watching the game? Most will eat potato chips, pizza, chicken wings, chocolates, French fries, nachos, and of course beer and sugary drinks. It’s an all-star cast caloric foods. Super Bowl comes only once a year the fans say and what can one time indulging with highly unhealthy food can do to your health? Good question. But is that the situation really? How about b-days, Christmas, and other big event parties.

It’s easy to forget the others and remember only the food binge at present. Health and figure conscious buffs will have to double up on their exercise to wipe out the extra calories they have been battling every day. How long is a Super Bowl game? Yes, that’s how long people are going to eat themselves to unhealthiness.




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