These Boots Are Made for Walking, Err, Eating

Some dogs may just eat anything just to satisfy their curiosity. Did I say curiosity? It should be to satisfy their hunger. But in this case, the dog looks well fed.  Vince, a mix breed tail-wagger, that’s the name of the dog, may have liked the smell of a pair of calf-high women’s Frye boots. This happened last Friday afternoon.

Who knows where or what those boots stepped last? A piece of lasagna, a leftover hero sandwich, or maybe a piece of pancakes. Dogs use their sense of smell in finding foods. And finding something to his liking, the mutt made a mutton out of the boots and of course, what do you expect? A boot size indigestion.

Vince stomach proved to be of no match to the leather. Bones, yes; leather, no.

Yep, those boots were certainly made for eating but not for digesting. What would Nancy Sinatra have to say about it, if she happens to read this story? She had a hit single entitled, These Boots are Made for Walking.

The owner’s had to rush Vince to the local Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center (VSEC). They live in Philadelphia. The poor dog had to undergo surgery to save his life. This unique story was reported by NBC Philadelphia.

“These X-rays are absolutely remarkable, especially given that you can see and count the number of eyelets on the boots,” Dr. Laura Tseng, a board-certified specialist in critical care and emergency medicine with VSEC, told NBC Philadelphia. “The sheer volume of what he ate is impressive and caused a very serious emergency situation.”

Some of the strangest things that dogs eat, include a skewer, rubber ducks, and pins and needles and so on. What Vince did is unique since he feasted on a pair of boots. He could have stopped at one, but no, he wanted it all.



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