Child-friendly Vine Kids app built to make parents at ease

Facebook and Google have been very bullish and active on whipping up services lately and social network giant Twitter is not to be outdone.

Twitter will not unleash a new service but instead build from the one it already has by releasing a new app that will surely boost the stock of its popular Vine – Twitter’s 6-second looping video service.  This new app which is dubbed as Vine Kids is capable of looping family-friendly video clips and was released last Friday.

The new app is designed to get the attention of the kids and makes life easier for the parents.

Vine Kids allows children watch looped 6-second Vine videos that are well-suited for them.

The head of communications and marketing of vine, Carolyn Penner stated in a blog post that kids are fond of Vine and this is the reason why they come up with a new app that will provide the kids a fun way to watch Vine videos.

Vine was launched in 2012 and has grown dramatically since then as it now has at least 40 million viewers on its fold. It is also popular for users who have penchant for uploading and sharing videos that does inane stunts, playing sports and among other fun stuffs. Two years ago, Vine was plagued with myriads of porn video clips, which prompted Twitter to provide the app with a NC-17 rating and eliminated them later on. The latest Vine app could obtain the G rating with relative ease.

Vine Kids has a lot of things that are in store for kids and even the young at heart such as animations, characters from popular kiddie shows (Sesame Street, Barney and among others) and videos showcasing adorable and cuddly baby animals (kittens, puppies and among others).

Vine aims to bring in plethora of safe to watch videos that are intended for the young audience.

Vine culls the child-friendly clips from millions of uploaded videos every day and adds them to its fold. Once a kid gets tired of viewing a video clip, he/she can simply swipe left or right to see a new one. Vine deliberately made the Vine kids a fully separate app to guarantee that they kids would only see child-friendly video clips and would not hover over adult videos.


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