Is an Ebola Type Containment Method Applicable Here In the US to Help Stop the Spread of Measles Virus


In the early days of Ebola virus infection in Western Africa, the 3 most affected nations, Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone, were very lax in implementing proper measures in order to contain the epidemic.

It was only after the governments of these 3 countries, with the help of the World Health Organization and the American military that the virus was slowly controlled. They tracked down people who were infected with Ebola and were placed in isolation for treatment.

The same situation might be happening in the US right now. Unvaccinated people are getting the worst of the measles virus infection and they are infecting others like them who are also unvaccinated. The spread of the measles virus has become very alarming and the with the present rate of infection, it won’t be long before we will an epidemic worse than what the flu virus  is doing and still doing right now.

Doctors, school authorities and health care workers have come forward with their own steps in order to limit the spread of the highly contagious virus but the government should come up with a more consistent system of doing it.

Measles virus can stay within the area where infected individuals have been for several hours. They can stay afloat in the air waiting to be sucked in by the unsuspecting public.  What hospitals and clinic do right now, when they suspect that unvaccinated people go to there is to disinfect the place. These is not always possible. We can’t do these in malls, schools, churches and other public places.

Some doctors and clinics are now starting to ask parents if their kids have been vaccinated and if they are not, they are stopped  from entering. It’s the same in some schools also.

By this time we know already that herd immunity doesn’t work. Should unvaccinated people placed in home isolation?

A couple has already complained about what happened to their 6 month old baby. She was infected by an unvaccinated child.

So what will it be, CDC? We need a very effective solution right now.


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