Google Now: All-in-one personal assistant that help users make the most of other apps

Technology giant is teeming with an assortment of services that support various platforms than any of those offered by chief rival Apple and among others and the company is poised to a unravel another service that has a great potential to be a great hit, which is the Google Now, a versatile smart personal assistant that will support almost 40 various third-party apps.

Of the third-party apps that Google Now is capable of partnering with includes renowned Airbnb, Guardian and Pandora. With Google Now people will be able to discern weather and conditions to help them cruise through with their business meetings and appointments on time. For instance, it is now easy to see and purchase from the nearest Aurbnb listing with a smart card that is available in the feed.

The Wall Street Journal has made claims that no user data from Google Now will be shared with third parties, though the cards may be set off by location, the location of each users will not be shared.

The groundbreaking Google Now is indeed a very promising service since it is very capable of making life easier than ever, it is a multi-tool than can be likened to a Swiss Knife as it help the users make the most of the other apps on the web and it is a perfect fit for businessmen, tourists, people that are always on the go and the list goes on. Google Now has also added more travel and voice Search features on its fold too.


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