The Anatomy of Disneyland Measles Outbreak!


How many Americans travel outside of the country for various reasons each year? According to research, it’s approximately 10 percent of the population or around 30, 300, 000. They go to other countries for business, vacations, visiting relatives and many other reasons.

The possibility of bringing back communicable diseases back home is really enormous. However, Americans travelling to other countries are advised to avail themselves some of the travel vaccines in order to protect themselves from any infectious disease while staying in certain countries. Measles chicken pox, dengue, hepatitis B, whooping cough, are some of the vaccines intended for international travelers. It will depend on what they are planning to travel and the age of the traveler.

Upon returning home, this vaccinated travelers may not display the symptoms common to the disease they manage to contract while staying in countries where they spent much of time. What happens is when they return home they interact with unvaccinated people which are highly susceptible to the infection and they get sick. Unvaccinated people tend to live in same communities. The infection is being spread immediately.

This might be what happened in Disneyland. The measles infection may have come from an employee or other Americans just returning home from their travel abroad, infecting unvaccinated Disneyland visitors. These unvaccinated visitors go home to their own places where several other unvaccinated people are living. The speed with which the measles virus managed to spread may not be surprising after all.

Mexico may not have a strict measles vaccination laws. The measles infection is growing faster there as well as in California and Wisconsin, two states with large concentration of unvaccinated people. The dominoes are starting to fall. Other states have also started reporting measles cases where before there was none for a long time. One of this is in Illinois. There was only one case in 25 years there.

What has health providers done to help stop the spread of measles? Its about time that they do their part. Their expertise can help a lot in containing the spread of measles virus.



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    For people who do not consider vaccine think…..where would we be without it today. It is unfortunate that some people are allergic to some vaccine.. Which are in the minority. They are truly the victims. As your parents had the choice to have you vaccinated to keep you well and alive we owe that much to our children.

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