Qantas-Samsung partnership brings in in-flight first rate virtual reality pleasure

Qantas Airlines and Samsung Australia are now on the verge of beta testing new fangled in-flight entertainment service employing the Samsung Gear VR virtual reality headset.

The test will have the Gear VR headset available in Quantas selected first class cabins on A380s as well as on its its Sydney and Melbourne International First Class Lounges. Gear VR headset will employ flagship Galaxy Note 4 mobile device to give the viewing screen and processing power.

The trial period which will last for three months will put into the spotlight VR information with regards to destinations, Qantas products and services and hit movies.

Group executive of brand, marketing and corporate affairs at Qantas, Olivia has quipped that the service is a wonderful way of showcasing their network’s different destinations and at the same spur inspiration in the travel and promoting tourism niche. Wirth added that the in-flight entertainment service is the first of its kind in the industry.

Qantas will also collaborate with virtual reality production company Jaunt to whip up the content which will also cover the destination footage. The tandem of Samsung and Qantas has also forged team up with Australia’s Northern Territory promotional segment, Tourism NT, to come up with tourism content creation about the Kakadu National Park which is peppered with a ‘special 3D experience.’

Passengers aboard the Melbourne and Sydney First Class Lounges are set to experience the Gear VR in the middle part of February. The first class in-flight service will be available starting from middle of March on selected destinations of the A38 from Sydney to Los Angeles.


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