Nissan to recall 768,000 Rogue Crossover, Pathfinder SUV and Infiniti JX35 models

Japanese automaker Nissan will recall 768,000 automobiles that includes the renowned Rogue Crossover and Pathfinder SUV models.

A total of 552,000 Rogues (2008 and 2013 models) are set for recall because moisture can permeate through the driver side floor that may give rise to an electrical short and may trigger fire.

Nissan quips that that there were no crashes or injuries that have been reported because of the problem.

Aside from the Rogue variant, Nissan is also poised to recall 215,000 Pathfinder SUVs (2013 and 2014 models) and the 2013 Infiniti JX35 automobiles because these variants were mired with problems that are linked to secondary hood latch.

That latch is built to catch the hood to keep it intact even if the primary hood latch is detached.

A spokesperson from Nissan quips that the problem was discerned mainly on rental vehicles and several cases where the vehicle has the tendency to get damaged when the hood flew up though there were no reports of injuries or crashes

There are around 639,000 vehicles that are registered in the United States that are included in the twin recalls.


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