Will Herd Immunity Work to Stop Measles Virus from Spreading In the US?

Herd immunity is when a large segment of the population are immunized against highly contagious disease, This means that the disease won’t be able to infect others because there’s no chance of it spreading. This is what the anti-vaccine group is hoping will happen, but it seems it isn’t working right now.

A couple in Alameda County whose six month old baby got infected from an unvaccinated child said this is unfair.

The reasoning here is, while other parents are taking time to have their children vaccinated there are those who are just “riding the tide”. The mother of the six month old baby girl wants to imply that anti-vaccine parents expect their children to benefit from what other parents are doing.

The measles infection threatening to blow up and the 2014 measles incident with 644 cases may look nothing but just a minor event.

In Phoenix, at least 1,000 are being monitored currently suspected of being infected. In California, the number of cases has now risen to 95.

Should the government take steps in enforcing vaccinations? Are anti-vaccination group going to be escape goats for the measles infection which is approaching epidemic proportions?

A solution is needed now and needed fast. With the flu virus harassing more states and creating more havoc among children and the elderly, the government can’t afford to have another virus finishing off what the flu virus have missed so far.

This seem to be a harsh conclusion but it’s an eye opener. The reality of the situation will even become more severe when the double infection cross its other’s others path with children and the elderly taking a hit.

However, are the vaccines really working?  We can’t help but ask the same question over and over again. Will the CDC, please come out with conclusive results. Will it do a reprise concerning to what was happening with flu vaccines. They were not effective and still not effective right now. Is it the same story with measles vaccines?




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