Are Parents Drawing the line Between Pro and Anti-Vaccers?

The first blood spilled might have something to do with Jennifer and Dave Simon’s daughter Livia, who has been sick with measles, and they are putting the blame on the parents of an unvaccinated child.

The y have to endure a lot of hardships such as putting their daughter on home isolation for almost a month now. They have to stop working and have to ask Jenifer’s mom to come over from Houston to help them take care of the baby.

The Simons, brought their child for checkup last January 2 to a pediatrician because she had cold. They received a call from the pediatrician, two days later, telling them that a child with measles was in the clinic that same day. It was then that the couple knew their child might be in big trouble.

Measles is a very contagious virus. It can stay afloat in the surrounding environment for several hours. Livia could become deaf and worst could die if she’s infected with the disease.

“We were really freaking out and really worried,” Jennifer Simon said.

The parents of the child with measles, who came earlier, refused to have their child vaccinated, according to the doctors. Livia, who’s only 6 months can’t be vaccinated yet because the minimum age requirement before a child can be vaccinated is 12 years old.

“I’m angry,” Simon said. “I’ve been upset that someone else’s personal choice has impacted us so much.”

Currently, nine other children have been placed in isolation in Alameda County, where the Simons are residing because of the measles outbreak there.

“Their choice endangered my child,” Jennifer said of parents that refuse to vaccinate their children.

What will happen in the days to come may lead to parents fighting each which should be be avoided at all costs. The government is the only one which can break the impasse. Health officials should be firm in imposing the vaccination law.


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