The Disney Measles Outbreak:  Was it from a Visitor or from one of Disneyland’s Employees


Both sides are heavily entrenched on its others beliefs. The government sees the needs of everyone getting the measles vaccines while those at the opposite spectrum are as eagerly against it. Do you think those people who oppose the vaccination effort of the government pose a great risk in spreading the measles? Are they being unreasonable?

The issue of autism isn’t the only one of their reasons. There were other documented cases which made the vaccinated child to get sick. There’s the case of a child getting ill with whooping cough after getting the booster dose. Are these just isolated cases blown out of proportion to scare others to stay away from vaccination centers?

Health experts have time and again assured the public that there’s no truth to what they call as rumor about vaccines causing autism in children. Nevertheless the anti-vaccination group are highly suspicious of these health proclamations and continue to believe otherwise.

There are also other reasons such as religion and personal choices. Parents who don’t want their children vaccinated can always invoke either or both of these. However there are laws such as the one in California where children who can’t show vaccination proof is barred from entering day care schools both in private and public schools. However according to latest studies, some schools in California has the highest rate of unvaccinated children. This might the reason, according to experts why the measles spread faster.

There are two school of thoughts why the Disneyland measles outbreak happen as it did. One, the virus was brought by visitors from outside the country who had measles. The other one is much closer to home.  The measles virus was introduced by an unvaccinated American. Whatever it is, everything boils down to one cause. Unvaccinated individuals have caused the outbreak.

The issue became even more complicated when it was discovered that some of those infected by the measles virus were vaccinate by MMR.

Is Disneyland incident due to the unvaccinated people or from those who were vaccinated but for some reasons the vaccine didn’t work?

Another food for thought. Dis a visitor bring the virus or was it one of Disneyland employees who was the cause of the outbreak?



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