The Issue: Disneyland Measles May Eclipse the 2014 Outbreak


Measles continue to spread In California, particularly in Alameda County, where 30 infants were placed under isolation for a suspected measles infection which has its origin in Disneyland last month.

In Santa Clara County, two new cases have also been confirmed and another two in San Francisco Bay area, the Los Angeles Times reported.

In Chicago, one person was diagnosed with having measles. The only one in the State of Illinois for the last five years.

Currently, measles has now invaded 7 states and Mexico with 87 diagnosed cases Los Angeles Times reported.  California Health officials that out of the 73 cases reported, 50 are linked to Disneyland outbreak last December.

Meantime, there are 68 infections involving 11 states as of January 23, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The good news according to Alameda County Public Health Department spokeswoman Sherri Willis, is that the 30 babies are not infected.

“It is our job to try to determine who has been exposed,” Willis told the Los Angeles Times.

Babies are more exposed to measles since they are not ready for vaccination yet. Vaccines are only given to children who are at least one year old.

Measles were thought to have been eradicated in the year 2000 and can be avoided by vaccination.

Some places where measles are still common include the Philippines, Pakistan, Western and Europe among others. Probably, the Disneyland outbreak was probably due to an infected visitor who came to visit the theme park.

In 2014, 644 measles cases infected 27 states — the most since the virus was supposed to have been neutralized.

The way the virus is popping up from one place to another, it’s possible it may take on a epidemic proportion worst than the 2014 outbreak. The number of unvaccinated children is higher than what was expected. Some schools in Bay Area have up to 80% of their students who were either not vaccinated or did not complete it.



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