Adults as Young as 20 are Predisposed to High Cholesterol Levels, According to Research


With the kinds of food that are being served in fast food restaurants, it’s not surprising that an increasing number of younger adults are finding themselves having problems with high cholesterol levels in their blood.

The usual age that doctors usually start treating people with high cholesterol level is at 55. Low density cholesterol or bad cholesterol is the main source of the problem. They clog arteries with fat deposits making it difficult for the blood circulation to flow smoothly.

The heart is forced to pump harder and faster which leads to high blood pressure. It has to compensate in order to maintain the rate of blood circulation. The blood has a many essential functions one of which is to supply fresh oxygen to the body cells and to remove the carbon dioxide to ensure we remain healthy.

The fatty deposits will also lead to the hardening of the blood vessels making them inelastic. This will lead to atherosclerosis.

Increase high blood pressure and atherosclerosis are to of the contributing factors to heart disease.

According to the latest research from Duke University, the risk of heart disease increases by about 39 percent for every passing 10 years of having high cholesterol.

Bio-statistician Michael Pencina is the leader of the research.

“Higher level of cholesterol in the 30s and 40s, still leads to increased risk of cardiovascular disease at age 55.”

Everyone can be affected by high cholesterol according to Pencina. Even those who don’t smoke and young people who have active lifestyle are in danger of heart disease.

His advice is for people to see their doctors as young as 20 or 30 to ensure that they don’t have the problem or for early treatment.

“You can slow down the depositing of cholesterol in your arteries, but you cannot reverse what has happened over time”, he said.




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