The Number of Unvaccinated Students in Some Bay Area Schools is Quite Alarming at 80%


The Disneyland measles outbreak is spreading all over California. It was discovered that approximately, 5,000 kindergarten students in Bay area has no proof of having been vaccinated. Health officials are highly concerned by this because it might worsen the spread of the measles infection some more.

According to a study of state Department of Public Health records, it is in Alameda County where schools have the highest concentration of kindergartners whose vaccination records are incomplete. The rate is as high as 80 percent at some Oakland Unified schools. Across the bay, students at the private Waldorf School in upscale Los Altos Hills comprise about two-thirds of those with incomplete vaccination records.

“They’re not immunized, they’re not protected,” said Amy Pine, director of the Immunization Program for the Alameda County Public Health Department.

It was announced last Monday the number of measles victims increased by another 5 cases bringing it up to 73 in the Golden State and another additional 6 cases reported in Mexico, which makes the condition more worrisome to health officials.

It was not only the kindergarten students who lack vaccination but also the older students. The offers a vivid picture how weak is school compliance in this matter. The law states that upon enrolling in kinder schools, children should be vaccinated. California children whose parents refuse to do so, won’t be allowed to attend day care of private and public schools unless they can show records to attest that they have received the vaccine.  Children should receive their first measles shot at 12 months old, and a booster shot will follow at age 4.

Several reasons why children don’t get vaccinated or don’t have it completed. The low-income parents find it difficult to bring their children for vaccination while many of the upper scale parents refuse to do so because they are afraid that their children might become victim of autism. The “personal beliefs exemption” has become the focus of more scrutiny, which is the stand of the second group.

Many other reasons were at the center of the vaccination issue. Several suggestions came up to solve the impasse but up to now there’s no clear solution yet acceptable to the anti-vaccination group.



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