Apple invades China as more iPhones were sold in China than in the US

Earlier reports confirmed that Apple and its vaunted iPhones had scored resounding win over chief rival in the high-end smartphone niche Samsung on its very own bulwark South Korea and now the technology giant is on a roll as it invaded the China which boasts of the most robust economy in the world. South Korea is well known for being the staunchest supporter of its own products and Apple somehow pulled off a sweet victory.

The story never ends there as Apple sold more of its flagship iPhones 6/6 Plus in China than on its own turf United States last year. This remarkable feat is cinched to be disclosed this week.

The prolific sales of the iPhones  which is aided by its partnership with China Mobile has led sales in China breeze past its registered sales in the United States according to busines authority Financial Times.

According to business analysts at UBS.iPhone, the sales in China comprised 36% of the shipments that were accounted for in the country, compared to the 24% posted sales in the US.

Apple has clinched a multi-year distribution contract with the biggest mobile carrier in the world which is China Mobile in December 2013. Back then Apple only control an anemic 5% of China’s mammoth $80 billion smartphone market.

Lady Luck is certainly smiling on Apple as it now has bigger 18.1% slice of the market in urban areas in China and 63% of iPhone sales came from China Mobile from September to November 2014 according to research specialists Kantar Worldpanel ComTech.


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