Elon Musk and Homer Simpson, They are Two of A Kind!

Elon Musk might be popular among scientists and military but Simpson has just made his name by word among the uninitiated. The man who wants to bring Facebook to mars, who wants to recycle his rockets by landing it on a barge and who has highly professional relationship with American military among others.

The good looking Musk, was born in South Africa. He is an inventor, businessman and an engineer. It doesn’t matter which of the three comes first. He has proven himself to be good at everything that his doing. He’s a Canadian- American and if I may add, he’s an African as well.

To date he has made a lot of advancement in space technology and he has a pretty high success rating. Even his failure to land that rocket on a barge, which is to me really quite difficult task, made him more popular. The charismatic CEO and at the same time CTO of SpaceX seems to attract more fame in whatever he does.

And he is just 43 years of age.

Aside from SpaceX he has other more down to earth business ventures which are also very successful. They are Tesla and Solar Motor City.

The Simpson episode was funny but more than that it shows the lighter side of Musk. With Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie in tow, nothing is impossible to happen. They can even make claims and everybody will just laugh about it. The claim about PayPal was a master stroke.

Of course the show won’t be as successful without the entire supporting cast.

Simpson is broadcast in various different languages and shown in several countries. The show started last 1987 and there’s no end in sight for the longest running cartoon show in the US.

I like what Matt did to the show. He didn’t only made Musk look down to earth but a fun guy to be.



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