Coffee Is Both Diuretic and Anti Oxidant. Natural Sugar and Creams will Help If You Can’t Drink It Black to Enjoy Its Full Benefits.


Coffee, what is it really? It’s America’s one all time most popular beverage. Other beverages come and go but coffee is here to stay. It has been both praised and maligned, attacked and defended, however it’s about to go away.

It’s a drink made from the roasted coffee bean. You can go on reading and learn more interesting facts about it.

Coffee plant is called a shrub but I think it’s more of a tree. It can grow pretty big.

The best coffees according to studies are grown in tropical America which are Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia, French Guiana, Suriname, Ecuador, Peru, Paraguay, Brazil and Guyana.

Are you aware what type of coffee beans you are always drinking? Avid coffee drinkers are very particular about the type of coffee beans they put in their cups. You can choose between arabica and robusta, the two most in demand in the world right now. Others include congensis, exelsia, mogeniti and so on.

There a lot of coffee drinks right now which you can choose from. Previously it’s just coffee, hot water and with or without sugar or cream.

According to research approximately 83 percent of American adults drink coffee and there are more than 38 types of coffee drinks you can choose from, cappuccinos and espressos among them.

Coffees are considered diuretics. According to research, they remove water from our body. That’s good since it will help clean our body from toxins. It’s also considered an anti-oxidant. It will help prevent hair loss, premature aging, and systemic diseases from making us sick. Drink it without sugar and cream. If you can’t do it, use natural sugar and organic creams. You will get the full benefit without a doubt.

The ideal number of number of cups daily would be 2 to 3.

There are a lot of discussions concerning the health advantages that coffee brings. If you have some underlying body illness it will be prudent to ask your doctor first whether coffee is good for you or not. You have to hold those doughnuts, muffins and other sugary foods to avoid getting diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis and other systemic diseases.


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