The Third Series: Pauline, The Whole of the UK is Grateful You Made It. Welcome Back, Hero!

The hospital can’t hold you long. The place where you once occupied is now empty.

This is my third post for Pauline and perhaps the last. The first one was Pauline, the UK is Watching and Praying for You. The second one is The UK is Still Praying for You, Pauline, and this.

The first article was full of doubts, then it was followed by a second one which was full of hope, and this one is a victory salute to the hero nurse.

I can’t seem take my mind off your picture, a person full of life, serving a war zone, fighting an invisible enemy. I’m referring to the Ebola virus which infected over 21,000 people all over the world and killed more than 8,000. These figures was supplied by the World Health Organization.

Pauline has been fighting for her life since the infection. It was almost 65 days to date. It’s true that she was surrounded by the best doctors, treated in one the the most modern hospitals, and given the highest quality of medicines, but in the end, her will power won the day for her.

Pauline Cafferkey was admitted to the Royal Free Hospital in north London on December 30 after falling ill on her return from Sierra Leone, where she had been working for the charity Save the Children at a treatment center outside the capital, Freetown.

The 39 year old nurse from from Cambuslang in South Lanarkshire, was the first person from UK who was diagnosed with Ebola.

“I am just happy to be alive,” she said in a statement released via the hospital. “I still don’t feel 100 per cent, I feel quite weak, but I’m looking forward to going home. I want to say a big thank you to the staff who treated me – they were amazing.”

In the eyes of the world, not only in UK, you are a hero. You defeated something that guns can’t kill and no medicine can treat. You defeated it with your will to live.





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