New research: Apple Watch battery life will not last for 24 hours

Individuals who purchase the Apple Watch this year may expect that it will run for one day without recharging. The battery life of the wrist-worn gadget has been claimed to run for 24 hours.

According to some earlier reports that device has been tested and it endured for 2 ½ to 4 hours of run-time but it will last more than 19 hours of standby time.

Technalysis Research analyst Bob O’Donnell stated, “I believe that is a actual challenge… I’m not sure men and women are also going to be excited about that… Current smartwatches do not attempt to do as much as what Apple has suggested you can do with Apple Watch.”
O Donnel said that,“early reports about the smartwatch’s battery life raise concerns about no matter whether Apple needs to go with a far more modest processor and screen.”

Apple officers have provided answers that Apple Watch users should be able to charge their device every night and frequent charging of the device may lead to disappointments to some users. The wearable device’s battery life is not also as enduring as that of the smartphones that are fetched at the market.

Apple Watch is Apple’s first ever smart wearable device and it is suggested by the company as a good companion in providing a better means of getting in touch with friends and loved ones.

But the device has been baffled by the failure of its battery life to provide longer runtime hours.

The Apple spokeserson has declined to make comments with regards the battery life of the wearable device.

The battery life of the gadget relies heavily on the user’s habits and is recommended to search for information on how to make the most of the device’s battery life.

The succeeding variants of the Apple Watch is expected to deck in longer battery life, but for now those people who had bought the device for luxury or status symbol in society are of course not affected with battery issues.


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