Flu Number of Deaths This Year Manage to Eclipse Those of the 4 Previous Years Combined Together


Lest we forget it, the flu season is still on and the flu virus is still spreading to other places with the death toll still going up. Health officials may have been concentrating in trying to contain any possible of measles outbreaks, but the flu virus is still on top of their agenda.

The speed with which the Disneyland measles victims able to spread the disease have people’s attention momentarily diverted from the flu infection to measles more so with the issue getting hot in connection with anti-vaccination group’s stand.

The effectiveness of the measles vaccine which is supposed to be 99 percent reliable, has been put to question since some of those who were affected by the virus had received the vaccine.

The same issue concerning the effectiveness of the flu virus has been hounding health officials until now. Nothing seem to be working as expected with regards to both the measles and flu vaccines.

There were 4 more deaths this week due to flu virus infection, health officials in Delaware said last Friday, which raised the death toll to 19. If we compare the number of fatalities, this year’s figure have already more than doubled the highest number of fatalities for any single season in the past 5 years. The number of fatalities this year is so high it also exceeds the number of fatalities of the 4 previous flue seasons put together.

The number of confirmed flu cases this week increased by 210. Last week’s figures stood at 1,616 compared to this week’s 1,826.

Despite the inability of the flu vaccine to guaranty against immunity from the H3N2 flu strain, government health officials are still urging people to get vaccinated. The fast mutation of the virus this year was largely to blame for the vaccine’s apparent ineffectiveness.

Medical health care providers are instructed to treat the elderly immediately when the first sings of the flu start to manifest by giving them antiviral drugs without delay.




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