BMW and Volkswagen teams up with ChargePoint to build more charging points

Car manufacturers BMW and Volkswagen are expected to forge a pact with electric vehicles’ infrastructure developer ChargePoint. The partnership endeavors to come up with fast-charging stations for the fast-rising electric and hybrid cars.

The German automobile manufacturers, alongside the U.S. charging infrastructure developer intends to establish up to 100 charging stations that will stretch from eastern to western coasts of the nation.

This endeavor is an attempt to entice consumers to purchase BMW’s i3 and Volkswagen’s e-Golf.ChargePoint currently boasts of the largest network of electric vehicle charging points in the country. The company was established last 2007 and has more than 20,000 charging ports in the US to date.

Although there are already thousands of charging stations for electric automobile that are scattered in different states of the country, ChargePoint plans to come with new charging stations that are spruced up with special features and attractions. BMW and Volkswagen are keen on providing the residents charging DC ports. The ChargePoint DC Fast ports are capable of recharging the i3 and e-Golf by almost 80% at around 20 to 30 minutes.

The two companies perceive this endeavor as very vital in luring people to opt for electric cars. The new hub for of fast-charging ports will aid drivers to recharge their automobiles during long-distance trips. Robert Healy BMW’s head of the North America’s infrastructure has said that the collaboration will fortify the U.S. e-mobility infrastructure.

On the other end, Volkswagen’s Vice President of the product marketing and strategy department, Joerg Sommer, quipped that this undertaking jives with Volkswagen’s yearning for a holistic approach to e-mobility

Moreover, the charging ports will come with an assortment of ports that support SAE connectors that are integrated with new vehicles from BMW and Volkswagen. The ports also support the CHAdeMO connector for Nissan’s electric cars. The partnership is cinched to beef up the ports with Level 2 chargers for other electric vehicles as well. But the charging on the other vehicles will be slower.


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