Google strike deals with Sprint and T-Mobile to sell “cheaper”cellphone data plans in 2016

Internet and technology giant Google gets bigger and better as time goes by and it is now on the verge of becoming a new tough player in the virtual network niche.

Google intentions of entering the mobile phone operation segment got a shot in the arm as it has just inked deals with wireless carriers Sprint and T-Mobile’s to operate calls and data on their networks.

The deals just comprised a fraction of Google lofty aims for the near future as it also planning to pounce on further on its unused and less inexpensive spectrum to offer high-data mobile service in various parts of the nation.

This grand plan is of course dependent on getting the green headlights from the United States government on allocating its bandwidth without absorbing steep license fees, though the NTIA had shown some signs that it will impose expensive fees.

Using the 3.5 Ghz frequency bandwidth will allow data to travel further, but with the help of the wireless carriers’ space medium and fiber optics broadband network, Google is on a position to provide cellphone service at a cheaper price compared with that of the top two existing wireless communications giants Verizon and AT&T.

The only hurdle in the grand undertaking is to get the phones work perfectly across different network systems, an issue that the Google’ new wireless team is currently tackling.

If Google will hit the nails right on their heads, Google is set to employ an updated version of its Android software to get the job done and by the end of 2016 Google is capable of providing data plans at an significantly reduced price.


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