Ford’s newest research center: Incubator for groundbreaking tech innovations, driverless autos, connectivity and mobility

Carmaker Ford is poised to usher in another fruitful year as it has just opened a new research center in Silicon Valley last Thursday to spruced up its endeavors of coming up with better products and services associated with automobiles, driverless vehicles and means to make the most of its resources and immense information.

Ford sees itself as both a mobility and an auto company, and yearns to bring in innovations in all of its efforts, says the company’s chief executive, Mark Fields, as he formally unveiled the new research center in Palo Alto, California.

The new technology hub is a testament of Ford’s commitment to be one of the Silicon Valley’s innovation ecosystems, curtailing to the needs and wants of the patrons, especially on different aspects such as connectivity, mobility and autonomous vehicles. The company aims to pounce on making new technologies open to all not only to the high-end customers.

This development is aimed at extending Ford’s operations to a global scale and keen on whipping up novelties and innovations in different facets such as “infotainment,” safe driving and driverless vehicles.

Ford quipped that it is cinched to have one of the largest automotive manufacturer research centers in the Silicon Valley region at the end of 2015, as it boasts of 125 researchers, engineers and scientists on its fold.

A seasoned engineer Dragos Maciuca is expected to carry the cudgels for Ford in the newly-opened tech incubator. Maciuca had worked for Apple and a potent force to reckon with in various fields of expertise such as consumer electronics, semiconductor manufacturing, aerospace and automotive technology.

Meanwhile Ford vice president and chief technical officer, Raj Nair, said that Future mobility solutions will need brand new ideas and dynamic teamwork between Ford’s team and with other technology leaders in other fields of expertise. Nair added that the company’ research team that is based in Palo Alto research team will build on existing relationships with universities and tech companies, and will attempt build  new ones to aid the company to make and utilize the suitable technology while collaborating with each together.

During the unveiling, Ford had also disclosed a preview of an innovation that incorporates Google Nest smart home technology that lets a vehicle to connect with a thermostat to control one’s home temperature.

Ford is also on the verge of trying out systems for driverless automobile and autonomous parking.

Last year Ford had registered robust sales and won not only the hearts of its immense fans but also copped many awards and recognitions as well.



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