Stir’s Kinetic F1: The world’s smartest electronic standing desk and it is cheaper by $1,200

One year ago a virtually unknown startup that comes with the tag Stir captured the limelight as it rolled out what many industry analysts described as the world’s smartest desk. Dubbed as the Kinetic F1, this first of its kind smart electronic standing desk features variable height controls, touch screen panel display, and versatile software which is a perfect fit for those who lingers to keep up with their activities to get acquainted well with their habits. Though the sweeping features were overwhelming the desk is beyond the reach to many as it is fetched at a price of more than $4,000, making it one of the most expensive desks in the market.

But here’s something to cheer about especially for fans and would be fans of Stir as the company has just launched the Kinetic M1, which comes with more enhanced add-ons but still retains the functionality and many features of its precursor.

M1 is as smart as its F1 predecessor but it is significantly cheaper. Keep in mind that the longer one will use the desk the better as it gets it in getting familiar with the habits, monitor the length of time while standing and can be modified to come up with goals to keep the user stand up and be more dynamic all day long.

It is also built with an ergonomic design for more comfort and convenience. The M1 brings in curved edges and sidecuts to make the user more engaged with the desk. M1 is a refined F1 and priced at $2,990, it’s clearly cheaper than $1,200. The desk is quite expensive but the new desk commands a big drop in price.

According to the markdown in could have been the result of Stir’s restructuring of its production processes and at the end of the day, the consumers and businessmen will inevitably be benefited with this development.


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