Twitter, Like A Diet, Can Be Very Hazardous To Your Heart.


Twitter is nice but if you twit others, in a barking, bawling or twiddling manner, then you are in for a great surprise. According to an upcoming study, you might be putting yourself early in line for a place in the morgue. The research group from University of Pennsylvania has found strong connection between being hostile in  twitting and suffering from coronary disease.

The research involving data taken from Twitter in 1,500 counties in the US, made a comparative study between the incidence of coronary disease and getting angry while using the social media.

“Our analysis suggests that Twitter captures the psychological milieu of a community,” said Johannes Eichstaedt, the Penn Ph.D. student who led the study. “The psychology of people in your community can predict your heart disease rates to a certain extent.”

“If your community is hostile,” said researcher and visiting professor Andy Schwartz, “you’re more likely to die of coronary heart disease.”

The word of course is “indirectly,” The source article pointed out that the study does not specifically blame Twitter if you have a heart attack. Twitter does not cause the heart disease, but if you are suffering from it already or is beginning to manifest symptoms of the heart disease, then you might be putting yourself at risk and die if you don’t control yourself while twitting.

Twitter can even help you if you know how to get hold of your anger. If you can twit while maintaining your calm demeanor, then you will find it something worthwhile in helping express yourself which is really the goal of Twitter according to the study.

Twitter can be compared to a diet, this my personal opinion. The more you indulge in unhealthy diet, the more chances you die from coronary heart disease or in developing one. If you eat only good foods, you will keep yourself healthier and survive longer. The question is which makes you happier.




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